The PCN Leadership Development toolkit developed by  Shared Service Architecture Ltd in partnership with PCSA

The toolkit has resources to support the 6 modules underpinning the PCN Leadership Development Programme for your PCN.

Meet the experts for the PCN Leadership Development Programme:

Manny Gatt

The cofounder of Shared Service Architecture Ltd (SSA). He has authored six books on collaborative leadership and shared services. He has taught over 1100 senior personnel from across the public and private sectors in the skills to manage in-house shared service projects. Manny has advised numerous public sector organisations on how to build their collaborative advantage working across health and social care, local government, further and higher education, LEPs, housing associations, police and fire services. He is a visiting lecturer University of Derby on collaborative working, a Collaborative Transformation Architect (CTArcf), a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a member of the Institute of Directors.

Magda Zurba

The Business Development Director of Shared Service Architecture Ltd. Magda is a recognized CTPrac™ (Collaborative Transformation Practitioner™), highly experienced in developing multi-agency/ multi-disciplinary transformations and implementing collaborative working solutions across the public sector. She has extensive experience supporting the co-design and co-delivery of facilitative sessions and training programmes, providing strategic leaders with ‘safe spaces’ where they can build trust, articulate their strategic vision and build consensus on how they lead change and transformations in a collaborative manner, be it within their organisation, inter-organisationally or at system-level. Magda is a visiting lecturer at the University of Derby on Multi-disciplinary Teams Working and is also accredited as an Executive Coach.

Below we outline the modules of the PCN Leadership Development Programme. 

Module 1

The PCN Ethos

Exploring the ethos underpinning the PCN and how it will shape your role

Module 2

A collaborative approach to PCN Leadership

Building your confidences as a collaborative and facilitative team member within a PCN context

Module 3

Scoping the PCN Projects

Equipping you with the skills and know-how to scope PCN initiatives and facilitate the development of practical problem solving

Module 4

Facilitating innovation and change

Equipping you with the skills, tools, and techniques to successfully facilitate innovation through collaboration across the PCN

Module 5

Building high performing PCN Teams

Supporting you in the establishment of trusted, high performing multi-disciplinary/multi-agency teams across the PCN

Module 6

Overcoming the challenges

Building your own personal resilience in the face of barriers to change

You will  have access to various resources (including reports, tools, templates, techniques and further reading) that are underpinning the modules’ content and that will help you play your part in shaping and contributing to successful PCN working.

You will find these resources for each modules below: