In this lesson we will consider the pros and cons of remote consultation methods, before thinking about the ethical implications of this approach to patient care.

Compare your pre-course reflections to the advantages, disadvantages and ethical issues discussed here:


Patient satisfaction high for remote consulting
Potential reduction in costs
Improved access for patients
Improved patient engagement
Possible reduced risk of infection from avoiding being in a waiting room
…and considering COVID 19 essential for supporting lockdown measures



Verification of the patient’s and practitioner’s identities
Referral policies to/from telemedicine doctor and interaction with
other doctors, e.g. the patient’s GP
Privacy, confidentiality and security of personal data and medical records
Reliability of ICT equipment e.g. network reliability and image quality
Incorrect diagnosis or treatment, e.g. due to non-physical examination or low-quality images
Remote prescription of drugs without either proper examination or
access to the patient’s medical history.

Ethical Issues