‘The overarching purpose of any approach to primary care leadership development is to improve the health and wellbeing of populations, including supporting a shift from reactive approaches to illness by individual practitioners, to the building of healthy communities led across systems of health and social care. The focus of such development must therefore shift from individualistic hierarchical leaders, working primarily within and for a single team, to collective leadership that creates compassionate and inclusive cultures, inspires commitment to create healthy communities, mobilises large-scale change across a geographical area, and engages local people and service users..’[1] (Swanwick and Varnam, 2019)

This is why reframing your understanding of the new types of leadership required and appreciation of yourself as a leader across Primary Care Networks is an essential first step. In this role, regardless of your subject area expertise, you will be asked to take the initiative, problem solve, build relationships with people that have contradicting views and values, overcome conflict, compromise, be judged and take responsibility for things that you don’t fully control, lead across boundaries and systems, adapt to new ways of working rapidly and so on and so forward.

All this can be overwhelming. Some seek to secure control and order of this, often by seeking promotion to have the authority to take and make these decisions. Others seek influence over authority. They see themselves as being collaborative. Others will see them as collaborative leaders.

In Unit 1 – Are you a leader? you will explore the type of leadership required across to enable PCN working, and how best to harness your leadership ot be successful in your role across PCNs.

Learning Outcome:
Reframing your understanding and appreciation of yourself as a leader and change maker

You will have two videos below introducing the main theory and practice for Unit 1 – Are you a leader? Please have your Module 1 Workbook opened whilst you go through the unit videos, as we will provide you with an opportunity to reflect and undertake certain activities to embed the knowledge.

Please note that your Module Workbook is uploaded under Module 1 Introduction. Accompanying the videos are the PowerPoint Slides, and also you might find useful referring back to the RESOURCES heading in Module 1.

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