As we have outlined in unit 2, whilst the adoption of common change and innovation processes is important, of itself it is not enough. Innovation is all about people, their ideas, ability to collaborate and the energy they bring to making change happen. Innovation processes are good, innovative people are even better! How do you ensure you have the right balance of people in the room that make up your innovation team?

This unit will help you better understand how to assemble the right mix of people to make innovation stick across your PCN, by looking at the range of innovation leadership tendencies and at how best we can ensure that diversity is the core enabler of change and innovation that is transformational.

Learning Outcome:
Building your understanding of the human and leadership dynamics of innovation and change, and how to enable innovation teams to flourish

You will have one video below introducing the main theory and practice for Unit 3 – Innovative processes are good, innovative people are better. Please have your Module 3 Workbook opened whilst you go through the unit videos, as we will provide you with an opportunity to reflect and undertake certain activities to embed the knowledge.

Please note that your Module Workbook is uploaded under Module 3 Introduction. Accompanying the videos are the PowerPoint Slides, and also you might find useful referring back to the RESOURCES heading in Module 3.

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