The first three units are focused on the leadership of change, change processes and methodologies and innovation teams. The last unit, Unit 4, returns back to you, exploring your personal preferences and resilience when leading change. Here we will delve deeper into your MBTI preferences to discover what kind of ideas you prefer and your personal preferences when dealing with change

Unit 4 will also provide you with an opportunity to reflect on your learning from the whole programme, and take a holistic view of the skills and behaviours required to be a successful PCN leader, and develop your action plan going forward

Learning Outcome:
Building your confidence in your role as an innovation and change leader

You will have two videos below introducing the main theory and practice for Unit 4- You as an innovation and change leader. Please have your Module 3 Workbook opened whilst you go through the unit videos, as we will provide you with an opportunity to reflect and undertake certain activities to embed the knowledge.

Please note that your Module Workbook is uploaded under Module 3 Introduction. Accompanying the videos are the PowerPoint Slides, and also you might find useful referring back to the RESOURCES heading in Module 3.

Your unit videos

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