The first three units are focused on the setting up and development of Primary Care Networks as well as the multi-disciplinary teams working across the PCNs. When combined, these elements make up the basic template for HOW TO DO collaboration within the PCN context. The last unit, Unit 4, examines HOW TO BE collaborative.

Working across PCNs and in multidisciplinary teams will require you to lead beyond departmental silos and organisational boundaries, facilitate the process, whilst making change happen when you don’t have positional power or authority, regardless of the discipline you have.

As Middleton (2007) explained, someone with the capability to lead beyond the boundaries of their own authority do this by ‘adopting real interest in people and building consensus, verses the traditional focuses on gaining power by whatever means, resulting in leaders still gaining “integrity and authenticity” and therefore power’.

Ultimately, successful multidisciplinary team working will require successful collaborative leaders.

Unit 4 will provide you with an opportunity to reflect on the skills and behaviors required to be successful in your PCN and/or the multi-disciplinary team you are working in and identify your areas of development.

Learning Outcome:
Building your confidence in your role as a collaborative leader facilitating the set up and development of PCNs and MDTs.

You will have one video below introducing the main theory and practice for Unit 4 – Returning to you. Please have your Module 2 Workbook opened whilst you go through the unit videos, as we will provide you with an opportunity to reflect and undertake certain activities to embed the knowledge.

Please note that your Module Workbook is uploaded under Module 2 Introduction. Accompanying the videos are the PowerPoint Slides, and also you might find useful referring back to the RESOURCES heading in Module 2.

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